Things you should avoid before a therapeutic massage

Sometimes a massage session may not go so well for you especially when you do not know how your body might react to the massage. It is common for some people to go to a massage and feel uncomfortable and even ashamed after the massage because the body responded in some ways. Here are some of the top things you should avoid before a  to ensure that your session goes smoothly.

Avoid high fiber food ? it is common for people to have flatulence, grumbling stomach and even pass a lot of gas during a massage. This is more prevalent when you have taken foods that are very rich in fiber. If you consider these things unacceptable when they happen in the presence of your therapist, then you should avoid foods with high fiber content. 

Do not eat right before the session ? massages are known to enhance digestion and therefore eating right before the massage is not advisable. You should have your meal a few hours before you have the massage so that most of the digestion is already done. Right before the massage you can have a fruit or a snack. 

Do not starve yourself ? it is recommended that you should have eaten a couple hours before the massage but do not starve yourself. This is because the long massage sessions may leave you feeling dizzy and light headed. If you have not had any meal before ensure that you take a light meal two hours prior to the session.

Do not take a lot of water ? avoid taking too much water prior to the massage session You will not enjoy the massage session if you have to keep going to pee. It will also reduce the massage time and therefore the effectiveness of the massage. It can also be quite disturbing for many when they have to keep interrupting the massage session. The massage may also involve pressing on the bladder area which can really be uncomfortable when the bladder is full. 

For most people enjoying the massage session is critical but also what you do after the massage determines how well you are going to enjoy the effects of the massage. For instance it is highly recommended that you hydrate your body after the massage by drinking lots of water. Also, for the caffeine lovers, you are advised to stay away from coffee immediately after you have had a massage. This is because coffee is known to cause tensing in the muscles. To enjoy the massage session ensure that you speak out of any concerns that you have to the therapist so that they can be addressed immediately. Also, be keen of the body reactions you get as the massage therapist works on your body. 

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