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Morocco Community Centre and School

Please see the Morocco site for information on our current work there.

Permaculture Map

This is a layer for Google Earth, so that people can find permaculture projects anywhere in the world which offfer courses, visits, working weeks on organic farms or anything else. See the permaculture map site for more.

My Sahara Forest

This is an idea for people to make the world a better place without giving their money away. Basically you invest in arid land and we turn it into forest on your behalf. You can buy land yourself or in co-operation with others. More info on the saharaforest website.


We've had requests from and made preliminary feasibility studies in West Papua, Bougainville, Cameroon and Somalia. In the meantime, we are starting to provide online services such as email accounts, blogs etc. These are the people we are supporting so far.

There are many more people with a lack of communications, and we need to improve the services we are already providing. If you have skills and can help with this, please get in touch.

Contact: email: contact(at)tribalnetworks.org