Marketing your business is not an easy task, it is difficult to engage your target audience on your own without the help of marketing communications agencies. Marketing communication is an important part of an organization’s marketing efforts.  


1.Digital Marketing. 

Digital marketing is the use of mobile phones, computers, and other digital platforms to promote products and services. This would help you to gain new leads for your business by reaching potential customers. 

2.Brand Strategy. 

This is a long laid down plan for a brand to achieve specified goals. A well-established brand strategy helps a successful brand to develop better and become competitive in the market. 

 3.Creative Design. 

This is basically a design that tells a story about what the organization is doing and create a strong brand identity. This design should be able to gain consumer trust and also make the organization increase sales. 


This is a marketing communication through mass media by the use of non-personal means to promote goods and services. Advertisers persuade their target audience to start or continue buying their products. Advertisements also inform, persuade, and remind their audience. 


1.Lack of enough skilled Manpower. 

If you don’t have enough qualified personnel in your team, it would be almost impossible to execute your idea well to sell it out to your audience. Take control of your business by making outreach efforts to your potential customers. 

2.Lack of media coverage. 

A good marketing strategy uses media coverage as an essential component. Getting your name in the news increases brand awareness. The type of brand awareness also matters, for this reason, the agency would help you find a secure placement in mainstream publications to help your business to be found well. 

3.The need to Utilize the needed Expertise. 

You need to utilize the expertise from people working on communication to execute a perfect outlook for your organization. These agencies provide you with the required skills and make your brand sell out in the market and make customers shell out money. 

4. Get integrated solutions. 

Modern communication agencies work on the basis of trust and they not only become your promoters but also your partners. A good agency will ensure that your content and communication click to give a unified message to the intended market. 

5. Utilize Industry Best Practices. 

It may be difficult to know the best ethical practices, trends, and approaches of the social media markets due to your focus on the business. Professional agencies spend their entire career increasing their knowledge in this industry. Using marketing communications agencies is the best approach in this case. 


A marketing agency is the best chance you have if you want to develop functioning channels to develop and promote your brand marketing phone number

The perfect growth-catalyzing experiential agency in Toronto

The reason why new companies as well as some old ones are struggling to keep their business afloat today is due to their old, unempirical, centralized, exclusively traditional approach to marketing. This makes them unable to reach their target customers and have an appeal that will create a permanent emotional bond between them and their customers. In the present and forthcoming times, it will be tougher  to maintain a competitive edge in the business market without embracing the modern, heuristic and more empirical experiential approach to marketing. Based in Toronto, our agency offers best experiential marketing services that will help your business to stay ahead of your competitors’. 

Our services 

Branded merchandise. We liaise with your brand to produce various attires like t-shirts, gloves and caps with your company logo and interesting adverts to engage the attention of prospective clients.  

Social media techniques. Technology has revolutionized marketing strategies. We create educative videos and write blogs about your products. These are shared on various social media platforms in form of links and adverts. 

Epic journeys. We organize road events where we invite interested persons to take trips with us as we journey through various off-road places. Along the way they get educated and also receive leaflets to share with friends and family as they leave. 

Product sampling. We help prospective customers get a first-hand experience with your products by giving them a sample of it. This helps them to form an opinion of it. 

Sporting events. We organize exciting free-entry sporting events, and at these the participants are awarded with branded merchandise and tracts to carry home. In case of food products, they receive a sample of the product as they leave. 

Get customer feedback. We exchange e-mails with clients who get a chance to sample products so that later they may be  able to write down an unbiased review of the product. We also receive feedback in forms of audio and video. This feedback is shared on social media to help other customers make informed decisions on the product. 

Product launching. We organize in-person product launching meetings. To achieve a wide network of viewers, we organize for live airing on television and YouTube so that those who may not be able to attend the event physically can be able to follow us virtually. We are also able to get their feedback through social media and various android apps 

Conferences. We organize business conferences where we incorporate other events like talent shows to attract many customers and keep them interested during the discourses. 

Surveys. We carry out surveys to understand the impression of your brand on the customers and the community at large. This we do through questionnaires, face-to-face interviews and through email.  


With tact, emotional appeal and a long experience in experiential marketing, we’ve got all it takes to endorse your brand to the public. All brands that have worked with us have not regretted, and we hope you’ll consider taking your business to the next level by working with us Digital agency called Paradigm