When you are designing a  website, you normally have your audience in mind. The intention is always to optimize the experience of the audience while meeting the needs you intended it to meet. This need can only be met by making the website more interactive. This can tempt you to fill every space with information that in your opinion is important. This article looks into the option of using white space to make a website more interactive and much more capable of meeting the needs you intended for it.

In the simplest terms, white space is the space without graphics, pictures or any form of writing. In the community of web designer, you will commonly hear people refer to it as negative space. White space can have any color as long as it is blank. It could bear your brand colors if it looks appropriate for you.

White space is normally included in the design of a website for the simple reason that it makes it look elegant. White space simplifies most of the designs that you can opt to use on your website making it look beautiful and sophisticated. It makes the site to look professional. It makes the content of the website readable and to have a flow.

White space is valuable in creating impression around your brand. You can leave some around your logo and your brand name. As mentioned earlier, you can also use the other available space for your brand colors emphasizing the effect of your brand.

You can see the value of experts for Shopify marketing making more sales in directing your audience. Whit space can be spared around a call to action so that the reader is attracted to the desired command.  It will call the attention of the audience due to its peculiar position.

White space subconsciously marks boundaries for the  content. It directs the reader on where to put the cursor and therefore the designer is very intentional in putting key components of the website. It has been proven that white space attracts attention. Without passive white space, the design looks monotonous and boring.

A designer may be tempted to fill the white space with pictures and call to actions. But this will be counterproductive for the website because it will look less professional. It will tire the eyes of the audience even before they lay eyes on the most important content on the website. Worst of all, the audience may fail to catch the message on a page and fail to see the intended call to action. Therefore white space is pricelessly valuable.

Contributions By: Tile Depot Surrey BC